vMASC Programme

The full seminar programme for vMASC 2021/22 will be expanded as meetings are confirmed.

Registration is free but essential. Please register here.

Thank you to all our speakers and participants.

DateTime (UK)Speaker(s)Title(s)
28th Oct 21 9:30amJeremy Sanders (U. Cambridge)50 years’ attempts to combine research, family life and institutional leadership
25th Nov 212:30pmZoe Ashbridge (U. Manchester) and Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson (Trinity College Dublin)“Vernier Template Synthesis of Molecular Composite Knots” (ZA) and “Synthesis and the study of supramolecular self-assembly structures and materials” (TG)
27th Jan 22 2:30pmJohn Maynard (U. Geneva) and Amar Flood (Indiana U.)TBC (JM) and “Anion recognition and hierarchical assembly” (AF)
24th Feb 229:30amFederico Begato (U. Padova) and Konrad Tiefenbacher (U. Basel)“Wines and Juices Dicarboxylic Acids as Templates for Supramolecular Cage Self-Assembly” and “Catalysis inside a closed supramolecular container: From terpene cyclizations to glycosylations” (KT)
31st March 222:30pmJennifer Heemstra (Emory U.)“Interrogating enzymatic reactions using nucleic acid molecular recognition and assembly”
!!! Postponed – Our apologies – see below for rescheduled session!!!
28th April 229:30amSavannah Zacharias (U. Gothernburg) and Jon Beves (UNSW)TBC
26th May 229:30amKai Liu (U. Groningen) and Niveen Khashab (KAUST)TBC
30th June 222:30 pmBenjamin Partridge (Northwestern U.) and Natalia Shustova (U. South Carolina)“Redefining Protein Interfaces within Protein Single Crystals with DNA” (BP) and “Stimuli-Responsive Metal-Organic Materials” (NS)
21st July 222:30pmToby Johnson (U. Oxford) and Michito Yoshizawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)TBC
25th Aug 222:30pmMaria Rando (U. Padova) and Jen Heemstra (Emory U.)TBC

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